How I Can Use Bitcoin Generator

Bitcoin Generator (BTCGen.Pro) Scam Evaluation

In our day to day task of exposing online scams and Ponzis, we stumble upon all type of lies and also accusations. Bitcoin Generator Review

Some of them sound so genuine that often we find ourselves virtually believing them, just to be reminded reality by a slight mistake or contradictory declaration.

How I Can Use Bitcoin Generator

Several of lies we locate in some sites, nevertheless, are so standard and corny that we are left questioning who precisely the site owners anticipate to be fooled by that BS.

Unfortunately, quite a variety of people obtain captured up worldwide of lies as well as overestimations and join the (long) list of sufferers of on the internet frauds.

To reduce the lengthy story short, we found a Bitcoin mining website at (and also various other domains as well, see below) by the name Bitcoin Generator while in among our online sleuthing explorations as well as found its concept so interesting that we had to share it with you.

In normal days, we would certainly call this a fraud review but today let’s call it a fool-buster.

Seems great?


Introduction to BTCGen.Pro

BTCGen.Pro, likewise known as Bitcoin Generator, is a just recently released Bitcoin mining web site that has among the funniest (as well as most dumb) tagline we have actually ever before seen.

And we have seen numerous.

Obviously, the site is produced by a group of skilled ‘crackers’ that happened to discover a loophole in the Blockchain and also utilize it to generate Bitcoins, which they after that market to you, or whoever else thinks their lies. They describe this loophole as an ‘manipulate’ as can be seen in the header on the primary web page which reads ‘Bitcoin Exploit Engine.’

As it goes, the team of high degree biscuits and cyberpunks are very good individuals.

So excellent that they could not sit on the so called ventures and also needed to show the public– free of cost.

Think of that.

Naturally that’s a large lie, as you will find out as you review better, but hey, the most effective way to deal with a fool (and a scam) is to make them believe that they have actually tricked you.

How does the Bitcoin Generator function?

Bitcoin Generator, also known as BTCGen.Pro, is really an extremely easy and uncomplicated site, unlike many websites that we have found.

All you need to create Bitcoin using the Bitcoin Exploit Engine on the website is your Bitcoin budget an, a Web connection and also your computer system or smart phone.

Oh, as well as some money also, in USD.

Primarily, you enter your Bitcoin wallet address and amount of Bitcoin you intend to extract in the suggested slot located on top of the primary page and click the ‘Begin Exploit’ tab, which is slightly on the right.

This will certainly turn on the generator which will certainly enter into overdrive attempting to find security loopholes in various mining pools and exploit them to extract Bitcoins.

The moment you will need to wait relies on the quantity of Bitcoins you want.

The quantity of Bitcoin you can mine each time utilizing Bitcoin Generator varies from 0.15 BTC to 2.50 BTC and also is transferred to your Bitcoin wallet as soon as the mining is completed.


Where’s the catch?

Forget all the memorable words you keep reading the website, the truth is very much different.

See, BTCGen.Pro asks you to send a specific amount of money in USD so as to get accessibility to their generator.

They promise to double the quantity by providing you twice as much Bitcoin as you would have received in common circumstances.

Which is all good.

Nevertheless, points take a different turn when you try to take out the Bitcoin so extracted. The site asks you to send out 0.007 BTC as “miner’s cost” prior to you can wage your withdrawal.

At the current currency exchange rate, 0.0007 BTC translates to concerning $7 which consequently makes Bitcoin Generator one of the most costly mining website ever in terms of the mining costs billed.

In regular conditions, mining fees are only a few cents as well as barely review a dollar.

As you can see, BTCGen.Pro is not only a fraud, yet likewise a blatantly costly mining site.

To make it worse, they just tell you regarding the additional price when you intend to withdraw your loan. To give credit rating where its due (or unnecessary, depending upon your point of view), the site is a creative disadvantage.

BTCGen.Pro Reviews

Having actually utilized the alleged Bitcoin Generator make use of and obtained the above message, we knew that BTCGen.Pro was a rip-off and didn’t need any more confirmation.

Nonetheless, we had to take a look at what other individuals were stating in on the internet discussion forums for our viewers’ benefit.

We checked out the BTCGen.Pro YouTube page where the promotion video clip is uploaded as well as took a look at the user remarks. We also checked out other online blog sites and discussion forums and all we found were adverse comments, some even approaching death risks.

If only websites lived and also might be eliminated …

Below are some remarks from individuals who experimented with the Bitcoin Generator system.

” it said it’s cost-free after that will ask you to pay the miners before you can take out”– Johya

” Individuals I understood it’s fraud before I payed that charge. Should I just pay or will they attempt to fuck me in some way? Please assist, I’m a beginner”– fareehd

” I paid the miners charge and also still waiting on my payment.”– bitttader5

” I assume they are robbery innocent people. Aren’t there any regulative body that might outlaw such sites.”– amychur

Certainly, there were many remarks, a lot of them adverse, that we couldn’t list them all.

Nevertheless, the above remarks serve both consultatory and cautionary purposes. These are people who actually tried the system as well as obtained conned however were understanding sufficient to share their experiences with the world to prevent more individuals being fooled.

If you have been scammed by the Bitcoin Generator at, please leave a comment below and also inform us concerning your experience!

Verdict: Avoid BTCGen.Pro, it’s a RIP-OFF!

We have verified, beyond any doubt, that BTCGen.Pro is a fraud as well as an overpriced service that will leave you damaged and weeping.

It will not make any feeling for you to make use of such a system, which also has so many poor testimonials.

You are much better off buying a burger in the corner shop to eat on your means home.

Our study indicates that the Bitcoin Generator fraud is mostly targeting people in Brazil, India, Italy, Germany and also Iran.

Verdit: The Bitcoin Generator is a SCAM!

Blacklisted websites: BTCGen.Pro, & Bitcoin-Exploit. pro. Bitcoin Generator Review

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