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Myvideospy What is it

Myvideospy is a cutting-edge 3D video desktop program compatible with both windows and mac. It permits you to create incredible speaking animated 3D avatar characters in beautiful scenes, with powerful text to speech eyebrow and lip synching technology.

Myvideospy Demo and Otos

If you believe what you read online, you would think that movie is a recipe for printing cash. But only about 2% of marketing videos get any real consequences. This is why: Most marketers & business owners do not have the budget, tech skills or tools to make videos that stand out and convert. There are hundreds and hundreds of video creation software’s — some are really great. But there’s been no serious improvements in technology. So what you often get are videos that look just like those made by every other marketer. The same old templates and the same’pre-fab’ characters which you can not customize. Result? No one’s watching and clicking, because they’ve seen it all before.

And with an average adult attention span of 8 minutes — being unique is the only shot you have at getting people to watch your movies. One solution is to outsource — but that may cost between $497 and $5000 per movie — hardly an option for the majority of marketers working on a budget. So here’s the news.

Recently it has a brand new video applications that’s a marketer’s dream. Over a year in development, it utilizes multiple built-in conversion technologies that simply weren’t available before now. In less time than using a template-based software, it allows you to create stunning, 100% unique videos. With animated speaking characters built from your profile images [so you can star on your show without being on camera]. Introducing Myvideospy.

Myvideospy is a special solution designed for anyone to use their face or any headshot as a 3D character in creating a stunning video without recording themselves and still get to control everything spoken with a text to speech engine or voice recorder. Anyone regardless of experience or tech skills can create mesmerising animated 3D videos in just 3 simple steps. They are taking video production to the next level and blow their opponents out the water. You will finally have the ability to use a customized and personalized male/female avatar in creating an interactive 3D video in showcasing your products/services!

Using Myvideospy Is 3 Measure Simple Even If You’ve never Made A Video Before:

• Step #1: Build Your’Automated Team’. These lively talking characters do the selling for you. Alter any profile pic or image into an animated 3D character OR select existing avatars from the library that is included.
• Step #2: Customize To maximize Effects. Fully customize the appearance of your characters — eye, hair & skin color, physique and even clothes. Position them into different scenes & camera angles. Add text & call to actions wherever you choose. Mix & match scenes using a mouse-click.
Use the effective text-to-speech generator, or your own voiceover. Add background audio & customize your animations to your taste. Then just click render to have your HD video ready-to-go in minutes.

Just rinse & repeat these 3 short steps whenever you want a powerful video promo or to create videos you can promote to customers for hundreds of dollars each. No other video creator can match the power, advantages and flexibility that Myvideospy can give you, particularly at the crazy low one time fee that is just up for a limited time. Get It Now.

Myvideospy Features

Fully compatible with any movie software — use Myvideospy to create stunning videos from scratch, or add Myvideospy media files to other programs for the most flexible video production solution ever!
• Unique Custom 3D Characters Out of your Pics: Create 3D talking avatars from your profile images — for’face to face conversions’ without being on camera!
14 included 3d avatars for fast video production — personalize eye color, skin tone, hairstyle and clothing for ideal personalities that connect with your audience.
• Customize Any Scene: Include 1 or 2 characters in almost any scene. 10 Unique Scenes — synonymous and’stackable’ to tell your story, your way.
• Create Unlimited Videos: No caps on how many videos you create… unlimited renders for a low one-time fee. 5 Powerful Audio Effects to enhance engagement & increase clicks and 5 Background Music Tracks to make the perfect mood for each video.
• Unlimited Versatility: Use Myvideospy for standalone video creation, or with any other video software you are using.
• Strong Text-To-Speech & Voiceover Options: Input your script for automated speech conversion… or record your own voiceover — for real-life lip synchronization & facial animations every time
• HD Quality Videos: Render your movies in HD format, ideal for YouTube, native uploads and using with other video softwares.
• Customizable Text & Calls To Action: Effortlessly add text boxes & call-to-actions at any stage in your movies for any length.
• Commercial rights included — but only during launch — to sell unlimited videos to unlimited customers and keep 100% of the profits.

• Point & click your way to professional dynamic videos that instantly drive traffic, leads & sales with zero previous experience or technician skills.
• Instantly create 100% unique, animated’characters’ from your profile photos or animations that do the selling for you while you sit back and relax.
• Shortcut your results and save time by customizing over a dozen included avatars.
• Personalize your messages with advanced text-to-speech, your own voiceovers, and habit calls-to-action
• Bring your characters and messages to life with industry-leading animations, lip synching technology, automated body moves and much more.

• Maximize involvement with fully-customizable scenes, camera angles, animations, props and even multi character scenes.
• Sell unlimited videos for hundreds of dollars each to clients & keep all the profits! Included commercial license (Worth $497 alone).
• Crush the competition & bid farewell to boring clunky templates. Get the unfair advantage and create stunning unique videos that get results!

• I am a complete beginner. Can Myvideospy work for me? Yes and amazing news! As a beginner, you won’t have any’bad habits’ that could slow you down. Simply use the software and training as directed, and in no time you will have videos driving traffic & sales to any offer at will. Everything you will need to begin from scratch is included, no stone is left unturned.
• Will Myvideospy on my Mac? Yes! This means you are always in control, and will never get an’error’ message or a’dreaded spinning wheel’ if an outside host is down. No server speeds. Create videos on demand, when you want.
• I have a video creation software do I need this? Myvideospy is the only solution right now where you can create a 3D talking avatar character with your own picture. Myvideospy differs from ANY other animated video platform because it offers you unlimited customizations. So it is possible to create COMPLETELY unique videos that no one has seen before… and it is these original videos that hook prospects in like mad, maximise participation and increase sales. Moreover, you can incorporate your Myvideospy movies (or clips) with ANY other video creator. It is a universal solution for boosting your profits from any video.
• Is training? Absolutely. From beginning to end, so whether you’re brand new or a seasoned video marketer, you’ll know extactly how to use the program. All trainings are accessible inside the dashboard, so you can find out just what you will need to know, when you want it.
• What about service? They supply support to ensure ALL customers are looked after at all times. From fundamental questions to tech issues, their dedicated team is on hand to be sure you make the results you’re after.

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