The Secret Tactic to Developing Your Email Audiences Really Quickly

You may be thinking at this point, “This is great information & I get it, but I’m not good with speeches, and I do not have anything to say. Webinars just aren’t for me.”

If this is how you feel, do not believe it for a moment. You. Can. Do. It. Once you host a webinar, you will be surprised to find that webinars are easier than you thought, and it is nothing like speaking to an in-person crowd. You will feel super accomplished & your new email subscribers are the reward for all your effort.

In this post, I will show you how you can use webinars to develop a large list of engaged email subscribers. And I will share the tactics AWeber& other leading companies use to attract thousands of webinar registrants & leads.

Repurpose your current website traffic like a hipster.

You have probably heard of signing up form lead magnets, which help turn your website traffic into subscribers. At it is core, a webinar is a type of lead magnet, and you could use it on your website to convert your traffic to leads.

To do this, publish a website sign up form that promotes the webinar. We placed the AddThis slide-in form below on the blog posts pertaining to email content, the topic of the webinar. Sharing the webinar form on relevant blog posts, we promoted to an audience who had already showed interest in the webinar topic & were more likely to register.

 First dates do not need to be awkward. Attract new audiences with social ads.

While organic social media promotion is effective, the major audience it achieves is your social followers, while your social fans are awesome, they are limited. Not only that, but they may also already be customers.

To achieve an entirely new audience, try out social media ads. While Google ads & other digital advertising can be pricey & complicated, social media advertising, when done right, is affordable & simple. With a budget of 5 dollars a day, you could launch a Facebook ad that promotes your webinar to a very specific group of people. If you would like help getting started with FB advertising, read 7 Steps to Create and Measure Winning Facebook Ads.

With Facebook ads, it is crucial to use eye-catching images & copy that quickly resonates with your readers. In this Facebook ad, which promoted a webinar with AWeber& MailCharts, we touched upon 2 benefits in our copy to get viewers to click: saving time & learning how to write effective email content. We combined an image that illustrated a pain point that the webinar would resolve: an image depicting a person struggling to write.

Friends in powerful places: Ask influencers to share your webinar.

We have all seen television ads where a company hired a celebrity to represent their product. Instance A, this video advertisement with Michael Phelps & Under Armour.

Companies use advertisements like these so often because they’re effective. When someone you admire advocates a product/service, you are more likely to buy it. This is a form of social proof called celebrity social proof.

But how could you make this happen when influencers are not exactly knocking on your door asking how they could promote you? Start small & build relationships. Do not seek out the most famous people you could find at first because you will be frustrated when you realize how difficult/impossible it is to obtain their help. Seek influencers who fit within your company’s niche.

After you have found some influencers who would be likely to partner with you & who fit your industry, start building a relationship. Share the content on your social channels, reach out to them about exchanging guest blog posts, ask them to speak at one of the webinars.

These small exchanges add up & deepen a professional relationship. I have seen them work firsthand with partnerships at AWeber, but I have also seen it work for others, even for small businesses with a limited network. A friend of mine working at a small business managed to get the endorsement of a famous professional athlete. Influencer relationships could work for you too.


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